About this episode:

School funding in the state of New Jersey can be very complicated, making it difficult for many people to understand how it works, and more importantly how to fix it. Why do some schools receive more funding than others? How is money allocated in that district? What is adjustment aid? The list of questions goes on. In this episode, we aim to help our listeners better understand this topic by inviting a school funding expert, Janellen Duffy to explain the formula used and why certain areas receive the funding they do. We also discuss ways in which the public can help their schools get the funding they need to better support their students and staff.

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Janellen Duffy
Janellen has worked on education policy and advocacy in New Jersey for the last fourteen years. During this time, she has focused on fighting for high quality school options for students and families, particularly in urban areas across our state. Janellen has done this work with various organizations including the Newark Charter School Fund and JerseyCAN, where she served as the founding Executive Director and currently as a Senior Advisor. From 2006-2010, Janellen served as Governor Corzineā€™s education policy advisor and then as the Director of Policy. During this time, she worked on countless education issues, most notably the creation of the new school funding formula, the expansion of high quality preschool, and the passage of an additional $3.25 billion in funding for school construction. In the initial stages of her career, Janellen worked in Washington, DC as a Presidential Management Fellow for the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and in the non-profit space. Janellen has a Masters in Public Affairs from the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University and graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Summa Cum Laude from Bucknell University. In her most important role, Janellen is the proud mama to three little boys!