About this episode:

In Episode 6, our host Altorice Frazier is joined by two education advocates: Patricia Morgan, Executive Director of JerseyCAN and Lydia Peart, Early Childhood Executive Director to discuss misconduct among school personnel, and what parents can do to be part of the solution. In the last couple of months, a series of videos was released that showed educators and leaders boasting about protecting and covering up for teachers accused of sexual abuse. Although we were incredibly discouraged by these videos, they shed light on some glaring cracks in the system. We must do better to regarding protect our children from harm at school. In this episode, we dive into what constitutes child sexual abuse/misconduct. We also explore current policies and discuss what more we as parents, advocates, and leaders must do to protect our children. 


Patricia Morgan
After teaching special education to elementary school students, Patricia pursued her law degree to learn how to better advocate for students. She combined her legal training with her passion for education advocacy when serving as an Assistant Counsel in Governor Christie's Counsel's Office and as the Chief Legal and External Affairs Officer of the New Jersey Department of Education. Today, she serves as the Executive Director of JerseyCAN. She has two elementary age daughters who regularly test every "rule," and keep her honest every day.
Lydia Peart
Lydia Peart was born and raised in Newark, NJ and received her Bachelor of Science from Caldwell College. Lydia was a civil service employee before discovering the joy of being a quality service provider while at the Foundation for the Blind. She soon found her way to early childhood education. Lydia holds an Administrator Credential in Early Childhood and serves as the Co-Chair of the Essex County Council for Young Children. She has volunteered for the last 2 years to empower parents to increase their parenting skills. Lydia loves hanging out with her three adult daughters and her nine grandchildren.