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The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) and our Commissioner of Education, Lamont Repolett are embarking on a review of New Jersey public charter schools. With so much false or misguided information spread around about these schools, who better to hear opinions from than parents, teachers, administration, and experts in our state’s charter schools. Over the next few months, PEP will be hosting guests from cities throughout NJ to speak about charter schools and its impact on children.


Our next stop is Paterson NJ. This city is in its early stages of charter integration with only 5 current running charter schools. The schools serve around 2,400 students but with hundreds on waiting lists they could reach 5,200 students by 2021. The commissioner and NJDOE have the power to halt any expansion and new charter applications they see fit. Being a city just beginning its educational journey with public charter schools, a moratorium could severely affect the future of these schools in Paterson and all the students who receive quality education there.