About Us

Parents Engaging Parents is a community for parents and guardians that want to advocate for the educational rights of children in New Jersey. These empowering discussions - led by New Jersey parent Altorice Frazier and featuring education experts - range from how we can develop more teachers of color, to how to become a full partner in your child’s educational life. Listen to our most recent episode and explore our archive; we’re sure you’ll be inspired to improve the educational experience of our children!

Our Mission

Every child, regardless of where they live, deserve the best education our state can provide. Parent Engaging Parents (PEP) was established for those parents and guardians who want to advocate for the educational rights of children in New Jersey. This parent coalition will be utilized to engage and spread awareness of the potential power parents have when it comes to being a full partner in their child’s education experience. PEP wants to help parents and guardians’ voices rise above the status quo to better support their child's opportunity for a successful future.

Our Host

Altorice Frazier is no stranger to struggle, triumphs, determination, and now mental success. As a result of becoming a ward of the state of New Jersey at the vulnerable age of two, Mr. Frazier fell victim to a life of rebellion and crime that intensified a gut-wrenching pain caused by society's neglect and an unloved heart. Mr. Frazier recalls a childhood feeling of anger and lack of understanding as to why life as a child had been so challenging. Hence, replayed illustrations of story tales filled his imagination while the slums of the ghetto became his unbearable reality.

His questions of why lead him to a life of mischief that eventually led to a thirteen-year prison sentence. While in prison, Mr. Frazier understood the consequences of his delinquent actions. He began learning that in life, there are choices. Moreover, the right choices precede positive outcomes. Therefore, after five years of making the right choices, Mr. Frazier met the eligibility requirements of parole in 2003.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Frazier acclimated himself back into society and began to take college courses. A man with a plan he was not going to become another statistic. In 2007, Altorice climbed the administrative ladder as coordinator of Alumni Association at Community Education Systems, Inc. (CEC). Mr. Frazier feels dutiful in giving back to his community, sharing his testimony and teaching there’s no excuse for ignorance and failure. Former board member of a nonprofit, mentoring program known as “Who Cares About Us? Inc.”, In 2008, Mr. Frazier spoke with Governor Corzine and Mayor Cory Booker, at the U.S. Department Grant Reentry Announcement, about the trials that surrounded his delinquent life and the choices he chose to make that ‘ultimate difference’. To date, Mr. Frazier has mentored for numerous charitable organizations such as Team 2000 and Bethel Outreach Ministry. Altorice had made major contributions as a volunteer at the leading charter school in the country, North Star Academy Charter School. At North Star, Mr. Frazier set on the board, and as president of PTA for five years.

Presently set on Newark Preschool Council Inc. Board of Directors, as parent Representative. Currently, Altorice is a board member for KIPPNJ, founding contractor for Frazier Strategy Group and a Parent Advocate for Education Reform.

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